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   The website is a trade information system (hereinafter the `SYSTEM`), which provides:
- buyers with a simple and convenient tool that helps them find the required product, compare prices, select an appropriate seller;
- sellers with a simple, convenient and FREE means for advertising their goods, which does not require the presence of a shop or company web programmer or a special person responsible for online advertising.
   The SYSTEM is equipped with a search string parser. When searching for a product through the search box, the SYSTEM compares the words entered with the names and descriptions of the items in the database and offers appropriate recommendations for changing the words of the search string in order to improve the search results.
   The SYSTEM is particularly effective as an advertising tool for goods, when searching for which it is important not so much the image as the name and/or technical characteristics (books, pharmaceutical products, auto parts, computers, etc.).
   The SYSTEM users have the opportunity to take advantage of the FREE service `mass input of items into database` by sending to the website administrator a file with the names and prices of their items. The service allows user to add to the SYSTEM quickly and FREE up to 2000 items. The file upload is to be done via user CONTROL PANEL.
   The list of product categories is flexible and can be changed or expanded by the website administrator at the request of any of the users.
   It is possible to sort and search for products on the site by different criteria (price, date, the presence/absence of an image, etc.).
   Sellers - users of the SYSTEM have at their disposal a control panel with a convenient and simple system of navigation, adding, sorting, editing the properties of of goods to be advertised and sold. The control panel interface is adapted for both desktop computers and smartphones.
   Sellers - users of the SYSTEM have the opportunity to create QUICKLY and FREE online catalogues of their stores with current prices.
   Shops engaged in or planning to organize the home delivery of goods, get at their disposal a convenient tool to facilitate communication between the seller and the buyer. Each item in the SYSTEM has its own unique number. This allows to identify quickly and accurately the item which has interested the buyer during the telephone conversation between the seller and the buyer.
   The users get advantages from the SYSTEM when specify the web address (both with selection of own items and without seleciton) in the Online Business Card of their store or office on `Google Maps`. How to create Online Business Card of a store on `Google Maps`, look here: `Google My Business` (`Google My Business` is a free service).
   If you are a seller wishing to become a SYSTEM user, please complete the registration form on the site. The registration is fast and FREE.
   If you have any technical issues or any questions, proposals or complaints, you can send a message to the website administrator.
Add your items to the SYSTEM! It is fast and FREE!
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