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   Before sending the registration request, please read carefully sections `About`, `Terms of use` and `Tariffs and payments`.
   The registration process consists of three steps:
- sending of request;
- email address verification;
- review of registration request by the administrator.
   The email address must be verified within 24 hours of the request sending. If the email address is not verified within 24 hours from the request sending, the request will be cancelled (in this case the request sending has to be repeated).
   Please be attentive while completing the form. The data inserted in the fields `EMAIL`, `contact person`, `contact person`s phone` is to be used for administrative purposes only and will not be published. The other data is public.
Complete the form:
seller type
oblast / region / state
city / town / inhabited locality
avenue / street,     house number
shop name / company name / person`s name
international country code
phone for customers
+ 39
contact person
international country code
contact person`s phone number
+ 39
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