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   The users of the trade information system can order the making of their own separate online catalogues of standard design with an address like this ( example >> )
   To obtain the online catalogue it is necessary to:
- register in the SYSTEM;
- insert into the SYSTEM and put online some items;
- change the rate to `rate 4`;
- select and order the third-level domain name (`chosenname`) using the user control panel .
   The advantages of having own separate online catalogue are these:
- only the own items of the online catalogue holder will be advertised in the catalogue;
- the online catalogue holder has his own shop-window where he can allocate up to 6 items (they will be shown regardless of the specified sorting);
- to manage items in the own online catalogue the holder can use the same control panel which is used to advertise the items on the main trading platform;
- the items that are advertised in the own online catalogue are advertised also on the main platform
   Fabrication cost of the standard design online catalogue based on the with an address like this (*)
   If you are a seller wishing to become a SYSTEM user, please complete the registration form on the site. The registration is free and fast.
Skype : arbexim
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