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   The site is a trade information system (SYSTEM), which provides:
- buyers with a simple and convenient tool that helps them find a required item, compare prices, select an appropriate seller;
- sellers with a simple, convenient and gratuitous tool for advertising their goods. There is no need to have in the shop staff a web programmer or a special employee responsible for online advertising (putting online of an item takes less than two minutes).
   The SYSTEM is mainly intended for small and medium-sized shops, small-scale wholesalers and private persons conducting trade.
   The capability to search the items in the database and sort the search results is implemented in the SYSTEM. A site visitor (a buyer) may specify the following criteria of search and sorting:
- sort by price (the discounted price is taken into account if it is specified) or by item insert date;
- exclude the items without pictures;
- exclude the items without discount;
- exclude the items which can`t be bought via eBay;
- exclude the items with zero price;
- search only in the specified category;
- search only in the specified subcategory;
- specify a search string - in this case is to be performed a search for a strict correspondence between the search string words and the words of the following item attributes:
   -- name;
   -- item description (this criterion can be turned on / off at the user`s choice);
   -- specific keywords associated with the item.
   Each item in the SYSTEM has its own unique number. This allows to identify quickly and accurately the item which has interested the buyer during the telephone conversation between seller and buyer.
FRONT OFFICE: QUICK TIPS FOR USERS (how to use the SYSTEM search tool)
   Sellers - users of the SYSTEM - acquire:
- the possibility to create online catalogues of their shops (with current prices and discounts);
- a convenient tool that facilitates a dialogue between seller and buyer for the shops which offer or plan to offer the home delivery of goods;
- the possibility to use the SYSTEM for organizing of online sales as addition to the usual way of selling: it is enough to add via the control panel the eBay item number and on the own page of this item automatically is displayed a link leading to the same item on eBay;
- flexible goods categories list, which can be easily changed or expanded on user request;
   Sellers - users of the SYSTEM - are provided with the control panel which renders possible convenient navigation, a quick and easy insertion, a selection and editing of articles to be advertised and sold. The control panel interface is adapted not only to desktops but also to smartphones. The control panel interface is implemented in three languages (as well as the site). It is possible to insert names and descriptions of the items in different languages and specify a correspondence between the item description language and the site interface language.
BACK OFFICE: QUICK TIPS FOR SELLERS (how to use the control panel)
   A user of the SYSTEM can order the making of his own online catalogue with an address like this: (details: `Special offer`).
   On his own web site or his own page in a social network a seller can put a link like this:
   Instead of number `10004` (it`s mentioned as an instance) the seller has to put his number assigned by the SYSTEM. The number is assigned to the seller after the registration. After having clicked on such a link the visitors will see on the only the articles of this seller.
HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM EFFECTIVELY (quick tips for sellers)
   If you are a seller wishing to become a SYSTEM user, please complete the registration form on the site.
   If you have any technical problems or any questions, proposals or complaints, please send an email to
Skype : arbexim
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